Join our next workshop!

At Cyim

(46D Rue Louis Kerautret Botmel,

This workshop is postponed due to the pandemic

The topic will be ‘Brittany in 2050 – How to future-proof our region and businesses… Now!

The workshop will be managed by Jennifer Ramsay, CEO of GreenTalk


Next workshops (to be confirmed):

  • In April, ‘Which world regions should Brittany be connected to?
  • In May, ‘Making Breton business more women-friendly
  • In June, ‘Comparing Brittany to other places in the world

Attendance is free. Registration is advised.

Why should you join the workshops?

In a global economy, speaking English vastly increase your professional opportunities and your ability to support the international activities of Brittany. As a second language, it also brings other benefits such as improving your cognitive capacities, access to other sources of knowledge and networks, and possibly even higher earnings…

Taking place monthly from September to June, each time in a different place, Global Brittany’s workshops can help you achieve these benefits by:

  • Boosting confidence in your professional English abilities (speaking and listening)
  • Sharing views on an interesting topic in a relaxed setting
  • Growing your international network by meeting other participants
  • Discovering an organization and its international activities
  • Engaging in a structured, 1h30 discussion to optimise your engagement and concentration

The workshops are open to anyone with a professional activity or looking for one (including students). There is no requirement on fluency.

All events are completely free and without any commitment whatsoever. We would love to have you along!